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International Consortium of Ankylofrenula professionals

ICAP is an international organization of tongue-tie professionals. Our vision is to promote best practices for the assessment, diagnosis and integrative treatment of restricted oral tissues.


Newly released guidelines to help healthcare professionals working with ankylofrenula navigate terminology and processes to ensure high standards of care and optimize patient outcomes.


Interested in participating in CIREAS - the Committee on Interprofessional Research, Education, And Ankyloglossia Science​?
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When you become a member of ICAP, you are part of an international community of world-class oral ankylofrenula specialists. You will be part of the movement to educate the world on the affect of restricted oral tissues.

Committee on Interprofessional Research, Education, And Ankyloglossia Science

Interested in participating in cIREAS?

The mission of CIREAS is to instill scientific rigour and integrity into ankyloglossia research, clinical practice, and education via interdisciplinary collaboration of ankyloglossia professionals. Our mission statement is complementary to the mission statement of ICAP.

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As part of our charter, we are here to educate and inspire our community to learn more and get involved in helping treat and diagnose restricted oral tissues, but also help you and your family find professional help in your area.